Christmas tree ornaments are a popular gift option this year. See all the new personalized ornaments from Santa Claus, Indiana.

Santa’s Forest

A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of almost every home celebrating the holidays. It is the holiday decor focal point and is used in many different ways.

Some families use their tree as an extension of a decor theme used throughout their home using ornaments both large and small that match in color, shape or other making an attractive and balanced design element.

Others use their tree to display a history or lifetime of ornaments about the family who placed them there each one telling a story about a special time and/or place in their lives.

Regardless of what your tree means to you and your family Santa’s Forest is designed to be an ongoing depository of stories, photos, ideas and anything else we come across regarding this traditional family centerpiece. We are from Santa Claus, Indiana, and are intimately involved both personally and professionally in the magic and love of Christmas and love to share what we learn every day from our visitors, experts and others who share the same passion for the holidays.